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  • You will need a pencil and paper for your workings.
  • Work out the answer to each question and type it in the answer box.
  • After you have typed in an answer, hit the “Check” button to mark your answer.
  • The test consists of 5 questions with a total mark of 15.
  • It should not take you longer than 12 minutes to complete this test.

Key points to remember:

To find the cheapest option:

  • Work out the price for 1 item (unit-price)
  • Compare the unit-price to find the cheapest.


Which of the following offer better value for money?

A: 200ml of toothpaste for 50p or

B: 400ml of toothpaste for 90p?


A: (÷2): 100 ml for 25p

B: (÷4): 100 ml for 22.5p

B is the cheapest.