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  • You will need a pencil and paper.
  • The test consists of 13 questions with a total mark of 19 points.
  • It should not take you longer than 15 minutes to complete this test.

Water-skiing is a wonderful sport that families can do together. It is amazing to see children, often as young as five, skiing alongside their parents or even their grandparents. The family members who don’t want to waterski can participate by driving the boat or by acting as an observer. It is a safety requirement that every boat 5 carry an extra person whose role it is to watch the skier and to tell the driver if the skier has fallen into the water, or wants to go back to shore. Many families take a picnic lunch to share on the beach and often enjoy playing a casual game of beach cricket or beach volleyball with other families. Some people may believe that waterskiing is only a summer sport, but it is not 10 uncommon to observe people sliding smoothly over the surface of the water on bitterly cold winter days. They are usually attired in dark wetsuits covered by brightly coloured safety vests and they seem totally oblivious to the bone-chilling cold that seems to be affecting the rest of the population. Problems caused by other boats stirring up the water and creating waves are reduced in winter as there are fewer boats 15 on the water. There aren’t as many people skiing so it is easier for the drivers because they don’t need to dodge other boats and skiers. Learning to ski is not difficult, but initially you spend quite a lot of time in the water. Beginners start on two skis and they lie back in the water with their skis pointed towards the boat. They hold on to the handles, and, when the rope is straight, the boat 20 takes off and the skier is pulled through the water. It is important to try to keep your arms straight, not to pull on the rope and just let the boat pull you. Your legs should stay bent until you gain sufficient confidence to become more upright. Once skiers are confident on two skies they graduate to use one ski. This can be quite a challenge for some people, but it allows you to ski faster and to learn to turn sharply 25 and eventually tackle a slalom coarse. Waterskiing can be quite expensive because of the high cost of the equipment and the fuel needed, but it is a wonderful experience and anyone with the opportunity to try it would be well advised to do so.