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Non-verbal Reasoning Type 13: Plans and Elevations of 3D shapes

When an architect designs a building  he/she has to make 2-dimensional drawings to show what the building will look like from each side. These drawings are called plans and elevations.

Plan and elevations are all different perspectives of the same 3D shape.


The Plan

The view from the top is called the plan.

The plan is just a bird’s eye view of the shape.


Front and Side elevations

The views from the front and sides are called the elevations.

In a question, you will get an indication of which perspective is the front and which one is the side.

You will also be given a grid on which you can do your drawings of the plan and the elevations.

In this type of questions you are given a 3D shape and you must identify the drawings of the plan, the front elevation and the side elevation.


In this video we use animations to show the pupil what the plan and elevations of a 3D shape will look like.


Plans and Elevations of 3D shapes (Bird’s eye view) VIDEO!