Year 4 Comprehension 5

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  • You will need a pencil and paper.

  • The test consists of 17 questions with a total mark of 24 points.
  • It should not take you longer than 15 minutes to complete this test.

Jane’s great passion in life was animals. She had dozens of books about them.


The walls of her bedroom were covered with pictures of animals, just as other girls

of her age had posters of popstars.

She used to keep animals in the garden and, if she could, she brought them into
the house too. Usually, however, her mother caught her.


“Get those animals out of here!” she used to shout. “If you must keep them, use
the shed at the end of the garden!”

Most of Jane’s animals were quite small: rabbits, mice, birds – that sort of thing.

But one day something quite big came her way.


Jane’s mother noticed that she was spending quite a lot of time in the shed.


She also noticed that food was disappearing from the house – especially

bread and fruit.


One evening she decided to go down to the shed to investigate for herself.


As she stood outside the door of the shed, she could hear Jane talking to someone

inside. “She’s got a friend in there with her,” she thought. She opened the door
and looked in. At first she could only see Jane sitting on the ground. Then she

made out the silhouette of an animal sitting beside Jane. Two huge eyes

up at her. She nearly screamed. It was a gorilla!


“Jane! Where on earth … ?” she started to say. But then she remembered.


A few days before, a young gorilla escaped from the zoo and, in spite of every

effort to find it, the animal simply vanished.


“I found it wandering through the park,” Jane explained. “It seemed so lonely!

I talked to it and we became friends at once. And then it followed me back

here … “


“Well, you know you can’t keep it,” her mother said. “You’d better phone

the police and explain.”


Not long after, the police came and also a van from the zoo. Nobody was even

angry with Jane when she told her story. The police knew all about Jane and her

animals. And the zoo keeper said: “I can see that Gor likes you. But we need him
back at the zoo! But you can come and see him as often as you like. We’ll send
you a free pass!”


These days Jane has almost given up collecting small animals – but you can
often find her talking to her friend Gor at the zoo!